Golf Balls 101 - Guide to  Golf Balls

Used Golf Balls

If you're a beginner at golf it would not be wise to purchase any new or expensive balls until you improve your skills because you will tend to lose them in the woods or water hazards. Used golf balls can be great to learn with and will save you plenty of dollars in the long run.

A little trick when you are golfing: if you have a ball retriever is to circle the perimeter of the water hazards when you come across them. You will be surprised to know that there is a good chance of finding a few balls that are visible near the edge of the pond. Use your ball retriever to get them out.

Many shops at courses also tend to find many lost balls around the course so you can check at the clubhouse to see if they have any used balls for sale. You might even be able to grab a full bucket if you're lucky enough.

These days, there is a huge market for used golf balls and companies pay steep fees for the right to collect lost balls from a golf course's hazards. Many of these balls end up for sale through Internet sites, often at outstanding savings.

To find some of the leading online suppliers of used golf balls, check out the links at the top of this page.

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