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Golf Ball Retrievers

Golf ball retrievers have become a product that golf-lovers cannot live without. A golf ball retriever is used to bring a golf ball back to you if it gets too far away. The golf ball retriever makes it easier for you so you don't have to spend half the day walking around collecting balls. Golf ball retrievers are the first items designed specifically for golf ball recovery.

Golf ball retrievers are most commonly made of metal and are designed to fit right into your golf bag. These durable products make it easy to retrieve your golf ball in the worst of situations. If your golf ball gets stuck behind a bush, simply extend the end of the retriever and your ball will be recovered in seconds.

Most golf ball retrievers have the ability to extend up to 30 feet. Portable models of these items are also available, however they usually only extend up to 10 or 15 feet. These conveniently fit right in the pocket of your golf bag.

Another popular style of golf ball retrievers is the kind that is designed with a dual purpose in mind. These models not only retrieve lost balls but also hold up to 35 balls or possibly more. These products shoot out golf balls, requiring very little effort by the golfer. Sometimes it is hard to bend over and pick up so many balls in a day and this product eliminates the need to bend over to put the ball on the tee or to pick it up after you have taken a shot.

Golf ball retrievers have become an essential item for golfers and can be purchased online at any golf equipment store. Golf retrievers can cost anywhere from $10 to $30 dollars and portable models can cost as little as $5. Models which feature the dual purpose of both holding and retrieving can cost up to $40, depending on the style and design.

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